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Words do have meaning and it is important how you choose the words you want to express your opinions or views.

The Obama administration and members of congress know this better than anyone.  The whole “spin” environment that has plagued politics for decades proves just how important the words you use can be.  Politicians are the experts at spinning an issue to their benefit by selecting the appropriate verbage.

So, allow me to offer my analysis of how Obama and his band of merry men and women are utilizing the art of word crafting to brainwash the american public into believing the government must take over healthcare.

The president uses the word healthcare when he discusses or debates the issue in public.  What exactly is healthcare?  Healthcare involves your day to day maintenance of your body.  Healthcare is all about the choices you make in your life each day, every meal.  It is where your health rubber meets the road.

It is about what foods you decide to eat, what beverage to consume, alcoholic or not, to eat fast food or to have healthy home cooked meals that include all the food groups. Your decision to eat in moderation or to over indulge yourself beyond your appetite is another variable to your healthcare.

It also includes your decision to have a yearly medical exam, blood work, upper and lower GI assessment, prostate exam, pap-smear, mam-o-gram or what ever health care exam tools that are allowed based on your sex and age.

These decisions are of course private decisions, personal preferences based on your ideas of how to best maintain and improve your bodies ability to thrive at the level you want to live.  Do you want to gain or loose weight? Do you want more energy so you can do more daily activities in your life or are you happy with your level of activity?  These are YOUR choices for how YOU live your life.

The Democrats want to spend $1.5 trillion over a decade, impose an $800 billion tax increase in the midst of the worst recession in a generation, increase federal borrowing by $239 billion (on top of the $11 trillion the Obama budget already requires us to borrow through 2019), impose costly mandates on employers that will discourage hiring as unemployment nears 10 percent, force individuals to buy one-size-fits-all government defined insurance, and insert the government in countless new ways between doctors and patients.

All this in the name of improve “healthcare”?

I don’t think so.  What they want to “fix” is medical care, not healthcare.  Obama is trying to convince you and I that the federal government can do a better job of providing medical care to the entire nation.  Are you nuts?  Does anyone really believe that a group of politicians, czars and committees will do a better job with our important medical care decisions and cost than the private sector? How freckin arrogant!

If there is one thing I hate more than anything else on this earth it is elitist just like the ones in Washington who think they are better than any other citizen in this country and can do a better job than the private sector at keeping me healthy throughout my life.  Their arrogance permeates our politics and every decision they make on our behalf.  Do you think it’s time that this is stopped?  I sure do.

The truth is that by taking over healthcare, the federal government wants to control you and I in the most intimate ways.

They want to make decisions of what you eat and drink, what medical test and procedures they think are important for YOUR health instead of you and your doctor making those choices.  And why in the world would they propose such a take over of our personal affairs?

For the same reason they have quickly taken over the auto industry and bailed out the banks.  The more control they enjoy, the more power they have.  They want to take their elitist club (the federal government) to a new level that has never been obtained in our country before.

Just look and listen how they have reacted to our objections to their healthcare takeover.  They are trying to discredit americas by calling those who speak out “tea-baggers”, mobs, racists and manufactured.  They are claiming that the protesters are being organized by the insurance companies and the GOP.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.

We Americans are sick and tired of both the DNC and the GOP.  We are tired of NOT being represented by those who we have elected to do so.  We are sick of having our voices fall on deaf ears by those who have been entrusted to keep our best interests at the top of the priority list instead of their power and financial gain.

My wife and I recently visited Washington D.C. and took in all the historic sites We saw the war monuments and several museums.  I could not help to think as we walked from one side of the mall to the other, that our nations capital has become a visual representation of our government and the people who serve in it.  My eyes were overwhelmed with the enormity of the buildings.  I dare say that ancient Rome had fewer massive and gaudy visual idols than what we have placed on display in Washington.  I’m talking about the buildings that house the different departments like the IRS, the Department of Agriculture and the EPA.  Why do we need a building that is 15 stories high and 10 blocks long to house one government department?

It reeks of arrogance.  And I don’t care what other countries think about us.  But as an American citizen, I felt as if our very own government was scoffing and sneering at us as we passed by.  These mammoth establishments now represent all that is wrong with our government.  The people who we have elected to serve us have themselves become enamored with their enormous titles, prestige and power.  They no longer go to Washington D.C. to serve us, but to serve their own gigantic egos and wallets.

Of course there are a select few in Congress who are serving for the right reasons. But, like ours, their voices are far too inadequate.

It is no wonder the members of congress are being welcomed home these days by angry citizens.  We are so frustrated that those we have given so much to, have forgotten us.  They have grown so out of touch, surrounded by the colossal construction that they have built as if to shield them from reality.

Americans are fed up and do not know what to do but speak up when their representatives slither out from behind their defenses.  We want out concerns heard and we want our country back.

Figuratively speaking of course, the prodigious properties that have become the symbol of our government, must be torn down.


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