My Introduction

Hello world!
My name is Dave and I am a Paramedic in the northeast. This blog is my way to discuss and educate the public about issues that effect my world, the world of pre-hospital emergency medicine.
Just a little about me first…….
My first career was in journalism, or at least it started out as such. I have a BS in communications with emphasis on broadcast journalism. I worked in TV news for nearly 25 years until I had had enough. News is NOT journalism any more. It turned right before my very eyes from an important service into a money grabbing business.
So…. I found a way out, re-trained myself to do something that I believed was worthwhile, and now serve my communities as a Paramedic.
Once a journalist, always a journalist………
Now that I’ve been in the middle of emergency medicine for several years, I’m feeling lead to share some insights that I hope will educate the public about EMS. My intension is not to rip anything or anyone down. My hope is that my comments will spark debate, re-educate and help to elevate the very worthy and rewarding profession of being a Paramedic. TKO in my business means “To Keep Open.” We use this term when discussing IV access. I use it for this blog to remind you to keep your mind open.

I have a lot of observations and opinions about the profession and how it is perceived from within and from without. I think you’ll find it interesting how we tend to be our own worse enemy at times when it comes to improving or elevating our profession and how these perceptions affect our ability to become a respected part of the emergency medical care continuum.

I look forward to sharing and hopefully making a difference to TKO your mind.


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